Life is short. And hard. We have so many demands and pressures put upon us during our work day whether that’s in the office or with the kids, that by the weekend you just need a glass of wine and a foot rub.

The weekend comes and we collapse. We laze around, watch crappy TV, do boring housework, and before we know it work rolls around again. We aren’t really refreshed, we aren’t really motivated, because deep down we know we’re letting life get on top of us and rule our existence.

We aren’t making the switch and saying “yes to life”. Life is for fun. Life is for exploration. Life is for making precious memories with those we love the most. Short breaks snap you out of the routine and bring the bounce back.

Here are five of our best tips to help you take back control of your life with a short break:

1. Figure out your ‘why’

Remember why you want to get away and how you want to feel by Monday. Focus on just these two things. Allow them to consume you and soon you won’t care about getting to the destination, you’ll only care about the burning ‘why’ you need to satisfy. Find that burning desire and run with it. Why not?

Here are a few ideas we use:

  • I must go away because I want to feel refreshed
  • I want to leave the responsibilities behind for a weekend and do whatever I want
  • I want to spend time with my family
  • I want to let go and dance at that festival

2. Start small

Go on a short break an hour from home. An hour is very do-able. You’ll have such a great time, you’ll be ready to do it the next month. But next month choose somewhere 2 hours away, then 3 hours. Soon you’ll be going away every weekend because you’re well aware of how wonderful you’ll feel after it and how many precious memories you’re making. You’re making your life count. On average, Aussies take short breaks that are usually 2-4 nights long. Unless you’re smack bang in the outback, there’s plenty of destinations within range of the major cities you could escape to.

3. Keep it simple

Don’t try to do it all, focus on just one interest. What do you need most? What type of experience do you desire?
Do you crave a beach and a book? Go to Fiji. Feeling unhealthy and run down? Go to a health retreat in Byron Bay. Want to indulge in food? Go to Melbourne for a foodie weekend. Want to go hiking? Go to Tasmania. Want to go skiing? Fly to New Zealand. Want to taste wine? Go to the Hunter Valley. If you’re looking for ideas, check out Expedia’s Short Breaks.

4. Don’t waste the journey

Don’t dread the 3 hour flight or road trip. Make it fun. What do you normally like to do on your down time? If you love to watch movies or listen to music, then fire up the iPad on your next plane trip. Use the journey to play games, talk with your partner, laugh with your kids, catch up on work or sleep. Once you’re done, you’ve been transported to a new place filled with fun times.

5. Try something new

A short break is a break from normality; it’s a change of scenery, so remove yourself from your regular environment. We love getting out of the city. We love lying on a different beach, climbing a new mountain, eating at an exotic restaurant, waking up in a strange bed, and experiencing a new culture. These experiences give you a fresh perspective and leave you inspired.