1. There are at least two other people in a room with the same name as you

My grandmother died when mum was 17, so all of the kids, once they had a daughter are named after her. It’s really hard but also funny for my son Johnas, because I’d go to him here’s Aunty Ada, and then there’d be someone else and I’d be like this is also Aunty Ada, and he’d go “but that’s your name”. He didn’t really get that!

2. Your pantry is full of brand new takeaway containers

I’ll have friends over for a big feast, and then bring out the takeaway containers for them to take leftovers home! I can’t help myself! I did that the other day and my friend said “Ada, you are your mum all over, not only you’ve just fed us, you’re making us take it home!” What can I say, it’s just something we do!

3. Aunties always bringing you breakfast

Everyday my aunty would come over with fresh goats cheese and sheep milk yoghurt. Every morning you’re eating the most amazing food.

4. Dinner is at least a three hour affair

You don’t go to someone’s house for a quick meal! It takes hours to get through all of the mezedes (traditional small sharing dishes). Souvla, halloumi, sausages, meatballs. It’s always delicious but it always takes hours!

5. Halloumi is not a big deal but still the best thing on earth

Forget tiny cubes of halloumi in salad – we eat it by the block and we eat it every day! I’m a massive cheese fan and one morning in Cyprus my aunty brought over halloumi straight from a lady that makes it – it was still warm, and I ate the whole block! Halloumi is traditionally Cypriot, and you haven’t had it until you’ve had it warm, and in Cyprus. For some reason it takes so much better over there.

6. Family members are always fighting over you

The family s always fighting over who was going to feed us and how many times you’re going over to their house! It’s not even just “are you guys coming over tonight”, it’s “what are you guys doing for lunch?”

7. Your Mum is still your favourite cook

Friends are always asking for recommendations for good Cypriot food but I never know what to say – my mum is a really good cook! I’m lucky, she makes all my favourite food for me. Her meatballs and pasta is legendary. Food is such a big part of our culture, it’s what really brings us all together.

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