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What’s your holiday deprivation?

What’s your holiday deprivation?

Aussies are afflicted. And it’s serious. Sort of!

You might not know it, but you could be fling deficient. Or adventure deprived! Our research revealed Aussies aren’t using all their annual leave. It sounds innocent enough, but with 75% of us ending 2016 with five unused days of leave, there could be long-lasting side effects. Find out what you’re lacking, and how to sort it out asap with our holiday deprivations.

Fling Deprived

Symptoms: Looking for a spooning partner and not finding any potential candidates in your current geography? You’ve already booked tickets to Fifty Shades Darker and your daydreams are filled with Mills & Boons love stories. Yep. You’re fling deprived.

Cure: A fortnight of hot and heavy salsa dancing in New York City – you know that’s where the steamy steps were first invented, right?

Alone Time Deficiency

Symptoms: Does the sound of your co-workers’ voices keep your earphones in all day long? You linger in meeting rooms just for a bit of peace and quiet and have a reputation as the resident Snappy Tom. Congratulations, you’ve got a case of major me-time deficiency.

Cure: A week of solo, perhaps even silent, relaxation at a yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali. Find that inner zen, find it!

Chronic Vacation Deprivation

Symptoms: Lost track of when you last wore a swimsuit? You’ve forgotten your log-in details for leave requests and long weekends are a distant memory. Uh oh. We’ve got a chronic leave waster on our hands. You’re seriously deprived.

Cure: Use that leave!! A month-long jaunt around Europe is definitely in order. Lose yourself in London, eat gelato in Rome, go shopping in Paris.

Snooze Debt

Symptoms: Can’t leave that snooze button alone? Resisting a desk nap is a daily battle of wills and coffee runs are the only things that keep you going. You’re a serial snoozer and you know it!

Cure: Leave the alarms at home and hit the spa. A few hours floating in a Japanese Onsen are prescribed to remedy this ailment.

Sunshine Deficiency

Symptoms: Been coveting a desk by the window for a while? You long for lunchtime when you can get a bit of real sunlight in your life, and you resent the office plants that have primo spots by the window.

Cure: Hawaii. Pool. Cocktail. Stat. Pack your sunscreen and your swimmers, you need a Hawaiian holiday.

Taste Deprivation

Symptoms: Is the weekly office fruit box delivery the highlight of your week? Green smoothies, steamed chicken and veggies, pre-cooked, calorie controlled meals are your standard Monday to Friday menu.

Cure: Chow down on fluffy beignets, big bowls of gumbo and super-sized Hurricanes in New Orleans. This culinary melting pot of a city will have your taste buds rebooted in no time.

Adventure Deprivation

Symptoms: Seriously considering switching baristas just to mix things up? You need an adventure, anything to get the adrenalin pumping.

Cure: Stay up late and book a last-minute trip to Queenstown. The adventure capital’s endless array of outdoor activities will be a soothing balm to your case of itchy feet.

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