New York City is the original melting pot of cuisines from all over the world. And New Yorkers love their food, so there’s subcategories within subcategories when it comes to food. Especially when it comes to dessert. I’m taking you to three very different styles of ice cream stores.

Rather than take you to three dairy options, we’re going to enter the world of Soft Serve and Vegan ice cream too. Whatever your favorite afternoon, evening or just any time of the day sweet delight, may this serve you as an enticing and exciting way to enjoy a delicious moment in NYC.

Big Gay Ice Cream

There’s something inherently nostalgic about soft serve ice cream. Harking back to the days of our childhood, it always hits the spot. Big Gay Ice Cream is known for its more adventurous flavour combinations than what you probably had as a kid. You’re still going to get that memory of reaching up to the ice cream man, but with the modern millennial tastes of salty sweet and oh-so-tweet-able flavours. With names like ‘American Glob’, ‘Rocky Roadhouse’, and ‘Bea Arthur’, it’s a bit of fun that you can’t help take part in. Do yourself a favour and google these flavours before you head into the busy store.

My favourite flavour would have to be ‘The Salty Pimp’ – both for the name and the combination of ingredients. With a base of vanilla soft serve, striped with dulce de leche and covered in a combination of hard set chocolate and salt, your receptors will have a field day.

I’m not a massive fan of soft serve, but this still ticks my boxes. There are a number of Big Gay Ice creams all over the city.