Wandering around Sydney without a destination in mind is a time-honoured tradition. However, having a guide can give you an even deeper look into the things that make this city what it is. With Sydney walking tours, you’ll feel like an insider – because you’ll be an insider! From the bustling pub scene to historic neighbourhoods, you can see every centimetre of our favourite city on your own two feet. Here’s how.

Eat (and Drink) Your Way Through Sydney

What’s better than getting to know Sydney on a personal level? Getting to know Sydney on a personal level…while eating delicious food. We know – we’re excited, too.

Perk up your day with the Café Walking Tour & Forsyth Coffee Workshop. Sydney is a master of café culture and you’ll get to see two of its lovely cafes and partake in a coffee workshop. That’s right: you’ll learn all about the process of making coffee, from plant to final product. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to open your own café!

Prefer the understated class of afternoon tea? The Small-Group Tastes of Asia & Chinatown Walking Tour is all that and more. You’ll sample cultural delicacies while learning about a variety of Asian cultures that have settled in Sydney. A stroll through Chinatown will cap off your adventure, where you’ll learn a few recipes to keep in your back pocket for your next dinner party.

Here’s another time-honoured tradition: a nightcap after a busy day of sightseeing. The Evening Walking Tour of the Bar Scene is a great way to really get a feel for the local cocktail scene. Warning: there’s every possibility you may finish up this evening with a new favourite pub.

Get to Know Sydney’s History

You know about Sydney’s famous architecture and lively nightlife. But did you know it’s got some pretty crazy history too? For example, we bet you didn’t know about the Tank Stream tributary, now an underground waterway. The Private Tank Stream Walking Tour melds historic facts with some truly dazzling photo ops (yes, Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are included), so make sure you bring your camera.

No one can say they know Sydney’s history until they’ve paid a visit to The Rocks neighbourhood. This used to be the “convict side” of town, and while you’re on the Convicts in The Rocks Walking Tour & Bangaroo Picnic, you’ll hear their stories and follow in their footsteps, exploring pubs and old shops they themselves once frequented.

Looking for an experience that’s a little more, well, colourful? You don’t have to give up the history aspect – or the pubs. The Small-Group LGBT History Walking Tour combines the interesting history of the Oxford Street/Hyde Park area with a pint or two in a popular area pub. Plus, you’ll stop off at the Botanical Gardens, to add even more colour to your holiday.

Sure, you could stay home and crack a book or two in an effort to get to know your city. But what’s the fun in that? Expedia.com.au wants you to see Sydney the way we do: as a living, vibrant place, full of fun and history. So put on your walking shoes – let’s get moving!