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Unique Sleeps: Hotel Original Paris

Unique Sleeps: Hotel Original Paris

Unique Sleeps: Amazing hotels hand picked by Expedia Experts. Hotel Original Paris, France

For my first ever trip to Paris, everyone’s recommendations and tips were to make staying somewhere central in Paris, preferably near the Le Marais, a priority. It seems this was the best piece of advice. The Le Marais is home to lots of cool shops and cafes. For an interior stylist, it was heaven.

With the many things to do in Paris, every street is an adventure waiting to be discovered, not just the many in this small suburb. We were in Paris for five nights but could have stayed forever if possible! My partner (and tour guide) has been to Paris a few times before so this gave us a great head start in knowing our way around. I had a list of must-sees too. A long list…

Hotel Original is conveniently located close to Le Marais and also almost across the road from my new favourite store in Paris (Merci) but more of that another time.

The hotel’s location proved perfect as most days we chose to walk our way around Paris and back to the hotel again – great for working up an appetite for French dining. We found new, exciting things each time we went out. I like to live like a local when travelling and the best thing about being on holiday is that time doesn’t matter but we certainly packed our days full without a demanding schedule.

The hotel provided breakfast downstairs but we choose to eat breakfast out in the sprit of adventure. The hotel itself was great, modern and a little bit quirky and theatrical, with dark walls in shades of blues and purples and a mysterious and moody vibe. Each room in the hotel is different, taking a unique twist on the theme. Designer Stella Cadente is behind the unusual decor, creating a dreamlike space where imagination reigns supreme.

Our room was decorated the Reine de Cristal – decorated in tones of crisp white, with thousands of atmospheric tiny lights hanging from the ceiling (you could turn them on and off if you wanted). The room is inspired by the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen and is like stepping into the boudoir of an ice queen.

If that’s not to your design aesthetics, check out the Aux Merveilles room, inspired by Lewis Carroll. You’ll find Cheshire cats on the walls and a cute curtained nook with two single beds – great for a family.

There are rooms decorated from bed spread to wall paper in gold and others themed to each of the seven deadly sins. There really is something for everyone!

The staff were friendly and helpful and we actually didn’t struggle with the language barrier whilst visiting the city (well maybe once).

I have long wanted to visit this fabulous city and it didn’t disappoint, Paris is magic and as clichéd as it may sounds it is the most romantic city in the world and lights up at night like no other.

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