Finding something everyone can do on your family holiday is often about compromise. Choosing activities that are as exciting for little ones as they are for parents is no easy task, but luckily, when it comes to things to do in Fiji, compromise is a bit more exciting than usual.

Hop into a 4WD to cruise around island’s dusty back roads and traditional villages, kayak through glassy waters looking for sea turtles, and leap into high-flying zipline excursions sure to challenge even the most apathetic teenager. Explore lush river valleys and mountaintop ridgelines, discover underwater worlds and deserted beaches, and dive into interactive cultural experiences that bring Fiji’s heritage to life for kids and adults alike, through dance, song, and—of course—relaxing cups of kava.  

For Kids of All Ages

Semi-Submersible Cruise It’s hard to see the orange and white stripes of a colourful clown fish and not think of Nemo and his friends. Spend a day helping your kids scope out the Fijian version of this classic animated character as you hop on a boat with South Sea Cruises and head below deck to catch views of the island’s underwater world. Feet below the surface, settle in front of watertight windows to watch vibrant coral reefs filled with tropical fish pass by.

Off-Road Adventure Kids can unleash their inner explorer on this off-road adventure paired with an afternoon of spelunking. Blast around the Sigatoka Valley in a rugged 4WD until you reach the house of a bete priest. With their blessing, lace up your hiking shoes and head underground to see the caves where people once sought refuge during times of unrest. Learn about their subterranean struggle as you creep past stalactites, listen for echoes in distant chambers, and check out freshwater springs that burble up from the depths.

Muddy Good Times – What kid could resist an activity where the point is to get as dirty as possible? Find out just how messy your young ones can get as you take a dip in the mineral-rich and soothingly warm Sabeto Mud Baths. Luckily, the down-and-dirty part of this tour is at the end of the day. Use it as a prize to keep them interested in visits to the island’s stunning botanical gardens and cultural sites leading up your time in the mud, and with convenient drop-off at Fiji hotels, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning fees for your rental car.

Glass-Bottomed Boat & Activities – Island hop by day and night on this family-friendly adventure to Tivua Island and beyond. Head out to explore the island’s crystal clear waters by kayak, don snorkel gear to get a better look at vibrant coral just below the surface, or hang out on deck with your littlest sailors and enjoy a drink while live music drifts across the deck. When you need a little more room to play, head to shore to play some volleyball, practice your hand at making traditional Fijian handicrafts, or simply explore the island to work up an appetite for the evening’s hearty barbeque dinner.

For Older Kids

High-Flying Fun – While playing on the beach and searching for shells may occupy the imaginations of younger kids, older adventurers are likely to seek out a few thrills on their holiday—something exciting, something new, something that requires safety equipment. Luckily, Uniquely Fiji has just the thing. Slip on a harness, strap on a helmet, and climb up into treetop platforms to kick off a zipline adventure that sends you flying through the forest on 10 different lines at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour (40km/h). With your courage thoroughly tested, trade your harness for a swimsuit and take a dip in freshwater pools fed by misty waterfalls, the perfect way to relax before a tasty lunch served up in a serene forest setting.

Surfing in Paradise – Summers in Fiji (November through March) are an ideal time for younger boarders to take advantage of the island’s mild weather and smaller sets to hone their skills away from home. In winter, that all changes, as heavier weather systems send huge swells toward Fiji’s shores. Either way, the island’s coral-covered shores are best introduced by a local familiar with the conditions, which makes Fiji Surf Co an ideal place to start. With private surfing lessons for up to four people, everyone can get feedback on the best ways to tackle Fiji’s waves.

Where to stay

We know that booking the right hotel can sometimes make or break your annual family holiday. Whether you want to take the gang to the swimming pool, order room service, or stay near local attractions perfect for kids, you can find Fiji family-friendly hotels with the right amenities through Expedia.

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Australia to Fiji

Fiji International Airport: Nadi International Airport (NAN)

Average flight time: Flying time from Sydney is approximately 4 hours, direct

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Practical Info

Currency: Fiji Dollars.

Cash or Credit: Most shops and hotels accept credit cards but it’s advisable to carry some cash with you for souvenirs from markets and makeshift stalls. Only some resorts have an ATM on-site.

Power: Australian electrical sockets

Getting Around: You can take the Bula Bus to get around Denarau. Beyond that, it’s advisable to book transfers with the tour desk.