“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home” – James A. Michener

Beyond the perfect white beaches, coconut groves and calm turquoise waters, Samoa is also one of the richest cultural regions in the world.

A combination of culture, people and the untouched landscape has drawn the attention of photographers and intrepid travellers, especially over the last few years.

From the sounds of tropical birds chattering in the lush green jungle to the ancient and captivating fire knife dance, Samoa is a tapestry of natural beauty and ancient cultures. The minute your feet hit the fertile soil, the spirit of Samoa can be felt.

Like many fellow Expedia Travellers, I travel with the purpose to explore, experience and learn. I’m curious about the lives of the local people. I choose to get off the beaten tourist path and walk through the villages, willingly observing the local customs and participating in village life.

It’s now time to take a journey to Samoa – the land of happy people, rich culture and natural wonder.

Images by Claire-Maree Charters