Love spicy food? If you’re ready to test your taste buds, check out the best culinary destinations for fiery food in the world, and their must try dishes. We’ve also handpicked the best places to stay after you’ve sampled as much spicy food as you can handle.

Bangkok, Thailand

Known for its hot climate and even hotter food, Bangkok is a serious contender for the best culinary destinations in the world when it comes to turning up the heat. Famous for its street food, you can try some of Thailand’s signature dishes for less than a couple of dollars; the streets surrounding Bang Rak, Khao San and Chinatown offer up the best fare.

Whether you opt for Pad Thai, Som Tam or Tom Yum Gung, it’s worth learning these words: Maị̀ p̄hĕd, which means “not spicy”. Even if you like spicy food, Bangkok delivers spice on a whole other level – you’ve been warned!

Once your tongue is on fire, cool it all down with a delicious serving of sticky rice and fresh mango.