If you’re like most Aussies, everything that’s awesome about a day spent in Sydney becomes even better once the sun goes down. What could be greater? The moon is up, the lights are on…and everything is just a bit more beautiful when bathed in the warm glow.

So here you are, watching the sun go down, waiting for the first stars to wink through the clouds, and wondering where tonight’s festivities should kick off. Well, mate, take it easy: Expedia.com.au has plenty of ideas for things to do in Sydney at night, and we’ve pulled some of our favourites for you to explore.

Try a Pub Crawl

From heritage to cutting edge, Sydney’s established quite the bar scene. Don’t post up in one pub all night, get around!  Two Feet & a Heartbeat’s Evening Walking Tour of the Bar Scene will help acquaint with you with smaller venues you might not have heard of. You’ll have 45 minutes to spend in each of the three bars you visit, that’s plenty of time to enjoy samples of their house specials. Since you’ll be walking from spot to spot, you’ll be getting exercise, too! All the better to make room for your next beer.

Take Some Pictures

It’s no secret: night photography can deliver some pretty spectacular results. Something about snapping a photo after the sun goes down creates an aura of beauty and mystery—things we’re all over. Sydney in particular lends itself to gorgeous night photography, what with the Harbour, the Opera House, and the dazzling skyline.

Test your skills on the Night Photography Tour offered by Sydney Photographic Workshops. Wander the city with a seasoned pro as your guide, learning the ins and outs of getting great shots that will look absolutely fantastic on your Instagram feed. We’ve also got a great deal on a second option: City at Night Photography Tour by Understand Down Under. This tour also includes an awesome guide, who will deliver some interesting factoids and history about the spots you’re visiting. Cool pictures and an education? Sign us up.

Get Spooky

Sydney’s got all kinds of great stuff going on at night—but you know it’s haunted, right? For all of its modern grandeur and excitement, the spot where our fair city sits has quite the history: once full of prisoners, fighting, and even lost love. If you’re brave—and we know you are!—put your nerves to the test on the Haunted History Walking Ghost Tour. You’ll explore The Rocks neighbourhood, hear many of its tales, and maybe even spot a spirit or two. How’s that for an evening out?

You could lie down at night and just go to bed, but where’s the fun in that? You have hours in between sunset and when you’re actually tired. Let Expedia.com.au fill up those hours with great deals on exciting activities you’ll remember for a lifetime. Ready? So are we. Put on your walking shoes, and get to know Sydney after dark!