There’s nothing better than catching a good wave. Right? And while Bells Beach is Hollywood-famous (fun fact:  the Point Break scene wasn’t actually filmed there) and Noosa has its renowned Festival of Surfing in March, the Sydney shoreline offers adventures for kooks and pros alike. Check out our top tips and you’ll be surfing like Layne Beachley in no time. (By the way, Layne was a champion surfer from Manly, just north of Sydney.)

Get Ready to Rip

First things first: Make sure you’ve got all the right gear to get rippin’. If you’re part of a lesson or tour, it’ll be provided for you, but if you’re going it alone, you might need to grab a few items. When it comes to surf shops, Sydney has plenty, especially around Bondi Beach and Manly Beach, its two most popular surf destinations. There are tons of spots where you can not only rent a board, but also get some tips so you don’t look like a total blow-in.

Explore the Legendary Beaches

Even if you’ve got the skills of Mick Fanning, it can be a good idea to let the pros show you the ropes of a new spot. Just twenty minutes drive from  Sydney CBD is Bondi Beach. You haven’t been to Sydney is you haven’t been to Bondi!  A Bondi Beach Surfing Lesson gives you instruction that’s as personalised or professional as you need—from paddling out to ripping a party wave, you’ll be smiling with pride in no time. Just make sure there’s someone on shore to take some happy snaps. This is one of Australia’s most famous beaches!

Branch Out

Of course, if you’re a local who’s been surfing the breaks of Bondi for ages, you just might be looking for a new experience. After all, freedom, good company, and endless waves are enough to get any surfer totally stoked, and Australia has those things in spades. Luckily for Sydneysiders—and surf tourists—you don’t have to go far to find secluded beaches where the swells are just the beginning. On the 4-Day Seal Rocks Surfing Trip, your days will end with guitar tunes around the bonfire recounting your favourite surf stories, whether they’re from that day or a lifetime ago.

Go on a Surfin’ Safari

Still doesn’t sound like quite enough surfing for you? Well mate, you may have heard that the Brisbane-to-Sydney road trip is a classic, and we’ve got a new twist for you: make it a surfari—an epic escapade for surf-lovers from all over Australia. On the 5-Day Brisbane to Sydney Surfari Tour, you’ll travel from Brisbane through the Gold Coast (stopping in Surfers Paradise, of course), on to Byron Bay, and finally end in Sydney, where you can explore all the world-famous breaks from Bondi to Manly.

We’ll be honest—there’s no big secret to surfing in Sydney. It’s all about being prepared, being friendly and being open to new things. If you’ve got that list covered, you’ll be hanging 10 in no time. And hey, it’s a big country out there.