Boo! Did we scare you? Okay, okay, we probably didn’t. The only thing we manage to scare these days is the office intern. But if you’ve been craving a little creepiness in your life, we know just what you need. Maybe you’re the type who’s simply not satisfied with the rational explanation. You want to feel the eerie whispers of the past in your ear, and contemplate the storied, sometimes dark side of Sydney. Sound like a fun time? Sign up for one of the Sydney ghost tours that dot the city.

There are two components to a typical ghost tour. The first is educational: you’ll learn all about the area you’re exploring. The second is purely metaphysical (aka the fun part): you’ll hear about the supernatural elements of that particular neighbourhood – and maybe feel an ominous chill run up your spine. Are you ready to get ghostly?

Get to Know The Rocks

On a Haunted History Walking Ghost Tour, you’ll get up close and personal with The Rocks. You’re well aware of Sydney’s roots as a convict colony, and The Rocks is where many of them congregated, along with visiting sailors, gallivants and ladies of easy leisure. The gangsters, the outlaws and the in-laws all congregated here on the harbour shoreline; bar fights were a dime a dozen, warehouses were home to clandestine plans and respectable folks were generally advised to keep well away. In other words, the place was rough. As you might imagine, that sort of background makes it perfect for ghosts.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Of course, The Rocks is nothing like that now. Revitalisation and a great deal of additional improvements have made this a marvellous space for locals and tourists alike to eat, drink, shop, and generally explore. But its dark history looms beneath refreshed buildings and innocuous boutiques, and if you embark on a ghost tour, you’ll become acquainted first-hand with the unearthly energies that may remain.

What kind of forces might you encounter? It’s different for everyone. You might hear the whisper of a long-departed sailor or the chuckle of a crime lord striking the perfect deal. Stop, breathe deeply, and listen. Will you feel an icy chill crawl up your back? Pull out those cameras: you might just catch sight of an orb floating around, waiting to tell its story. Now that’s what we call candid camera!

You aren’t afraid of anything – so don’t let a few ghosts get to you! When you explore a ghost tour, you know you’re getting an awesome experience for your money, on top of a fantastic tour of a city you already love. You’ll have some cool stories to tell, new factoids to share with your mates and maybe you’ll even get to relive your favourite scenes from “Ghostbusters”. Now that’s a deal that’s not scary at all!