As a lifelong Sydneysider – or even a tourist visiting the Harbour City for the first time – you’ve probably only experienced the city at street-level. OK, maybe you’ve taken the lift to the top of the Sydney Tower for the view from the observation deck, or even braved the Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb. Think you’ve accomplished all there is to do in Sydney? If you really want a different perspective on Australia’s largest city, you need to take to the skies in one of the Sydney helicopter tours. Here are some of our favourite ways to view Sydney from a different angle.

  • Grand City Helicopter Tour: Soon after you settle into your comfy seat and your helicopter takes off from Sydney Airport, you’ll see the Pacific rise below you to the east. Before you know it, you’ll be above Maroubra Beach on your way up the coast to Manly Beach. From there, you’ll turn southwest and hover over Sydney Harbour, looking down on the boats floating like toys in a bathtub.
  • Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Tour: Catch a glimpse of Bondi Beach as you ascend above Sydney Airport. From there, make a beeline to the harbour for a loop around the city’s waterfront wonderland. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of landmarks like the sails of the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Taronga Zoo, and Sydney Football Stadium – Sydney FC, our boys in blue! – before returning back to terra firma.
  • Private Helicopter Flight over Sydney Harbour: Treat yourself like a celebrity aboard your own private helicopter tour. You’ll sit right next to the pilot, offering you a Superman-like view as you fly above the city. Soar by the cliffs and beaches near Maroubra and Coogee, then on to Manly. At that point, it’s a sharp turn as you make your way over Balmoral Beach and wind up over Sydney Harbour.
  • Private Sydney Harbour Heli Flight & Lunch for Two: Want to turn your sheila into your soulmate? Pop the question from high above Sydney Harbour. Tell her “Your love makes my heart sing better than the greats at the Sydney Opera House”, or something like that. Then, after she says “yes” and you’ve landed, enjoy a romantic lunch and a glass of wine at Circular Quay before the coach returns you back home.
  • City Sunset Helicopter Flight: You’re going to need your sunnies for this one. You’ll fly over the Eastern beach towns with their amazing houses perched high atop the sandstone cliffs. This time, though, as your pilot steers you back to the city, the sky before you will begin to turn from brilliant blue to creamsicle orange to neon pink to a deep purple. You might even catch a reflection of the setting sun as it bounces of the crests in the harbour below.

You can walk the Sydney streets for a lifetime and see every sight face-to-face. But for an unforgettable vantage point you have to get up above it all. And the best way to do that is strapped into a bucket seat with twin rotor blades lifting you to new heights, obviously. Leave the Sydney Tower observation deck to the tourists and book your Sydney helicopter tour today.