How healthy are you on holidays? Often when you hit the road, your healthy habits fly out the window.

Sarah Wilson, author of I Quit Sugar and I Quit Sugar for Life is the new ambassador for The Westin Well-Being Movement. The Westin Hotels are bringing health back to holidays – making it easier for guests to keep up their health regimes through new menus, gym facilities and even a Gear Lending Program if you can’t fit your joggers into your carry on.

So, how does Sarah stay healthy? Her free guide “Discovering Well-Being in Travel” has plenty of tips and tricks, from ordering big breakfasts (yes bacon!) to beating jag lag. We had a chat with Sarah about her favourite tips and tricks in the guide:

What are your top three tips from the guide:

1. Look out for bike share schemes

This is the best way to get around big cities – I’ve done it in Paris, London, New York and Copenhagen. You’ll stay active and well, with hire stations often right near the big hotels.

2. Make sure you eat a big breakfast

I call this “front loading your day”. At Westin hotel buffets, there’s always plenty of good protein and nutrient-dense food. Stick to scrambled eggs, bacon, and mushrooms. If you’re stuck throughout the day for healthy options, at least you’ve eaten good food at the start of the day and can get away with a lighter lunch.

3. Take advantage of the hotel facilities

Use your stay in a hotel as an excuse to focus on your fitness and wellness. A lot of people say it’s hard to keep well when they’re travelling – I think the opposite. When you’re staying in a hotel, there’s usually a gym on your doorstep, no kids and no distractions. Use the gym or ask for a yoga mat.

How do you get through flights feeling well?

I like to blend up a big green smoothie, using all the leftover vegies in the fridge. I pop the smoothie in a glass jar and drink it before the flight. That way I don’t have to worry about eating on the plane (on short flights) and I can use the canister as a water bottle.

How do you find places to visit in a new city?

I’ll check out where the people I follow on Instagram have been and I’ll Google very heavily. I’m not Paleo myself but I often Google “Paleo Eats”. Paleo communities are generally very open and keen to share information on where to eat. The food is generally low in sugar, high in veges and uses good quality meats.

I often research the best restaurants in town – not the most expensive, but popular spots to eat. They generally serve good quality produce.

What city have you had the best healthy experiences in?

Copenhagen – they have incredible food, with a lot of nose to tail eating and a focus on local Nordic foods.

Checking out the Westin’s healthy menus and Well-Being program is a great excuse to treat yourself to a night in The Westin MelbourneThe Westin Sydney and in 2017, The Westin Perth.