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Five ways to make a stopover romantic

Five ways to make a stopover romantic

You’re on your honeymoon and nothing kills the most loved up trip of your life than the “when will we get there” exhaustion of long plane flights.

So here are five ways to make sure that stop over is not only honeymoon-worthy but also the romantic segue into your final destination.

1. Book Transfers

Staying in town? Don’t try and battle for a cab or train in a foreign country at 8.00 am after an eight hour flight. Talk to your hotel and see if they can pick you up. Coming through customs, picking up your bags and looking like you’ve been hit by a truck can be easily turned around once you’re in a sweet ride with iced water and free internet. Same story for your return trip!

Segue to romance? Tick.

2. Book a spa treatment

Chances are your night might have consisted of contortionist acts just to get yourself into a comfortable sleeping position in a plane seat (ouch). So think ahead and book a spa treatment for your and your beloved at your hotel.

On our recent quick trip to Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Polka and I hit up The Majestic Hotel’s Day Spa for the Malaya Golden Chersonese treatment. Based on the story of Isabella Lucy Bird in British Malaya, the treatment is about rich adventures with fruits and exotically fragrant flowers.

Our two and a half hour treatment started with a cocktail (non alcoholic version available!) foot scrub and head massage before we were escorted to our private treatment room for abana honey hair masques, papaya coconut body scrubs, baths and steams and my favourite part? A decadent forty-five minute massage that had me thinking “Plane? What plane?”

Segue to romance? Tick.

3. Make It Easy – Book The Extras

I am at my least romantic when I’m tired and cranky – i.e. after an eight-hour flight. So you can imagine how delightful I am when Mr. Polka is also running on equally as little sleep. It’s a fun little game of who can out snap each other. Not exactly the best start to a honeymoon.

So take all the stress out of it! The Majestic Kuala Lumpur offers services like airport pickups and free transfers around the city (they even give you a phone to call them when you’ve finished playing in the city and want to come back home). Not battling public transport in an unknown place when I’m dead tired? Being able to enjoy the ride in an air-conditioned car with cold water? Having breakfast brought to the room so I don’t have to see people when I haven’t slept? An in-room check in?

Now that’s just a segue to romance, people.

4. Look For Two In One Attractions

If you want to make the most of a city, look for two in one day trips. Kuala Lumpur for example, has Petronas Towers – one of the highest buildings in the world and a must do when in the city. But right below the observation deck is Suria KLCC, an enormous shopping mall with all your favourite stores like Kate Spade, Sephora, Burberry, and Mui Mui. The proximity means you can see the sights, have a bit of fun shopping and in your very short stop over schedule explore a bit of the city all in one quick day trip.

Segue to romance? Not particularly, but definitely a segue to seeing a city in a day!

5. Go For Glamour

Everyone wants a honeymoon to be relaxing and pampering, but what really makes things romantic is the glamour. I’m not talking diamond encrusted mini bars here, I’m talking about finding a place that is a little out of the ordinary and has special touches like candlelight while you eat dinner, fresh flowers in your room, beautiful toiletries, big double baths and live jazz bands like you eat dinner (Colonial Court restaurant at The Majestic Hotel is my favourite for this). Now that’s romance.

There is something exciting for me about a place that places a priority on getting the little stuff right.

Segue to romance? Tick, tick and tick.

Job done.

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