Avid traveller? You’re probably all too familiar with the dreaded symptoms of jet lag. There’s nothing worse than a business trip or a holiday in a bustling international hub under the cloud of jet lag. Start your trip off on the right foot with these revitalising jet lag recovery treatments.

You’re flying into JFK, New York

Jet Lag Recovery:
Joanna Vargas Salon: 
In the heart of Manhattan, on exclusive 5th Avenue, Joanna Vargas Salon is waiting to cure your travel skin woes. The clinic to the stars (Rachel Weisz, Mandy Moore and Sofia Coppola are part of the celebrity following) offers Oxygenated Facials to revive skin that’s been dehydrated and oxygen deprived while flying. Recover from jet lag with a procedure that involves 98% pure oxygen infused with a nutrient-rich serum sprayed over your face, resulting in silkily hydrated skin. If your whole body is craving a bit of TLC, you have the option of combining your jet lag recovery treatment with 30-minutes in an LED light therapy bed to reinvigorate tired and ageing skin.