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Rachael Finch’s Guide to Healthy Travel

Rachael Finch’s Guide to Healthy Travel

Rachael Finch is one of our most loved TV personalities – model, mum, certified health coach, and now Westin Well-Being Brand Advocate, she lives and breaths a healthy lifestyle. But she isn’t afraid to get out there and have adventures. Cheat days included! We chat to Rachael about how she stays healthy on holiday.

You live a very healthy lifestyle – how important is that on holiday?

It’s incredibly important…for us a holiday is more about the wellness than anything else. We might go somewhere for a specific concert, journey or adventure, but for me a holiday is a chance to incorporate more wellness info my life.

So you still workout on holiday?

Absolutely. I really do enjoy those 6am wakeups, my morning yoga, having a fresh juice and coffee. I’ll do that then nap for three hours, get up and explore the city. That for me is a wellness holiday. I like coming home feeling good. But I always get up and see how I feel. I’m all about feeling what my body needs. I don’t stick to a set schedule.

How do you pick a hotel? Is it based on their fitness facilities?

Wellbeing is really key. It helps when you’re staying at a Westin, where you can hire gym gear, or you can be lying in bed looking at the room service menu and kale and green smoothies are options. In most hotels you ask if you can swap the ice cream for yoghurt and banana – the answer is usually no.

What do you need in a hotel gym?

It depends on what I’m training – if I’ve done strength the day before, I’ll do cardio, with a 15 minute run, 15 minutes on the elliptical machine and five minutes on the rower… I’ll use the dumbbells and I’ll do a lot of free bodyweight workouts – push ups, sit ups, lunges, dips, pull ups, those sorts of things. I don’t need much, I prefer free bodyweight workouts.

Would you go for a run in a new city or stick to the hotel gym?

If it’s safe enough, for sure! When I’m somewhere like New York, where you’ve got Central Park right there, I’ll go for a jog. I will stay in the hotel if the facilities are good enough, definitely if there’s a good spa!

So what about treats? Would you try a freakshake?

We would certainly go and do that! It wouldn’t be something we did everyday, but if we were there for five days, we’d go midweek, and soak up every moment then get back to being healthy when we get back to the hotel.

What are your tips for beating jet lag?

Hydration! Even if it’s just Sydney to Melbourne, I’ll take a full bottle of water on the plane. And one when I get off. And I switch to the time zone straight away. I’ll try to stay up until the evening.

Do you take any supplements with you?

  1. Magnesium
  2. Spirulina
  3. A multivitamin – you’re travelling so you’re not always going to get adequate nutrition from what you’re eating.

When you get to a new place, how do you find healthy places to eat?

Straightaway I’m on the hunt. I try to research a place before I arrive, and I like to check out menus online… I try to pack as many snacks as I can for travel – dried nuts, healthy bars I’ve made myself, rice cakes.

Tell us about your new gig as a Westin Well-Being Brand Advocate?

Health and wellness is my absolute world. I strongly believe in taking a holistic approach to health and wellness and I think Westin have the same alignment. It’s not just about eating the right food, or getting out there and exercising, it’s everything. It’s sleeping well, playing well, eating well, all of it is a part of making us feel amazing. Now you can do that at Westin Hotels. I’ll even be leading a Westin Wellness Weekend in Melbourne this April.

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