From Shotover Canyon Swings to Zipline adventures, Queenstown is home to plenty of adrenalin-inducing activities. 

Caleb Rider was our Kiwi #Outthere winner – he’s got $10,00 to spend on the trip of a lifetime and started off his spending with a bang. The first experience to tick off his bucket list was Queenstown’s terrifying Shotover Canyon Swing.

We had a beautiful sunny day in Queenstown. I had a mix of nerves and excitement. It was time for the Shotover Canyon Swing.

I’ve never done anything like this before. I was doing this with two of my good friends and they were definitely more scared than me – I have to confess I claim to be a bit of an adrenaline junky.

The drive up to the launch platform is part of the experience. The tour guides play videos of people mid-swing, showing the different ways you can do it. You can pretend you’re sitting on a chair and rocking off, you can ask to be hung upside down so you let go and do it backwards. So many terrifying options!

Before you have time to think through your choices – and maybe reconsider why you’re doing this in the first place – you’re there. A small building on the side of the cliff. 109m High 60m freefall and a 200m swing.

This is the highest cliff drop in the world. I was ready.

We were harnessed in and debriefed. The staff were really friendly and did a great job of trying to scare me, which is exactly what I wanted. I was the last person to go on our group and I could tell by the people doing it in front of me that this was going to be good.

You’re walked out onto the platform. It seems pretty small when you’re up there. After doing a few poses for the camera, it’s pretty much up to you to jump.

By this point I’d shaken off my nerves and just went for it! I did a running back flip or gainer as some would call it, such a rush! Felt like I was flying.

This is one of the best things I’ve ever done and it was over so fast. Before you know it you’re winched back up to the top and its all done. I would definitely do it again. Great fun.

Queenstown’s Adventure Activities

The Shotover Canyon Swing is one of Expedia’s top Queenstown activities. Keen to find out more? Check out the top activities below:

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tour

Cruising along The Crown Range is fun, but what about when it’s on your Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tour with Bularangi Motorcycles?

Canyoning in Queenstown offers three different adrenalin-inducing experiences – Queenstown Canyon, Routeburn Canyon, and Earnslaw Heli Canyon

Nomad Quad Sarfari

Nomad Safaris has bikes and 4WDs for the big kids among us who are keen to get out there and see New Zealand. Bike up Queenstown Hill on your ATV quad bike on half day tours.

Tandem Skydiving

Keen to get some air but spent enough time on the slopes? Skydiving is a popular sport for tourists who want to see the sights from a whole new, exhilarating angle. You’ll definitely get a birds eye view of the area with NZONE Skydive’s tandem dive.

Queenstown Rafting: Heli River Rafting Adventure

If you don’t mind getting wet, and a bit of a rough ride, this one’s for you. Hop in a helicopter for a scenic flight and then get ready to head down the Shotover River. Just remember to hold on tight to your paddle!

Shotover Canyon Swing

Just as the name suggests, this giant swing juts out over the Shotover Canyon and gives you one hell of a thrill as you’re launched out from the 109m high platform.

Shotover Jet

Made famous when Kate and Wills hopped aboard during their royal visit, the Shotover Jet zips through the Shotover River at breathtaking speeds.

Ziptrek: Ecotour

Keen to get an aerial view without having to jump out of a plane or off a cliffside? Ziplining is the answer. Take the Skyline Gondola up the mountain and then ride the zip lines between platforms.

Defy gravity and experience the ride of a lifetime at the award-winning Shotover Canyon Swing—the world’s highest cliff jump! Launch from a 358-foot (109 m) high, cliff-mounted platform, reaching speeds of up to 93 miles per hour (150 kph) over the scenic and breathtaking Shotover River.

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