A hotel stay is a chance to spend one-to-one time with that special someone in your life – an anniversary, a birthday – and why should it be any different when it comes to your four legged fur baby? Yes, that’s right, you can now spend a night with your fur baby in the lap of luxury.

The Langham Sydney is the only luxury hotel in Sydney to have opened its doors to guests of the feline and canine variety. And we’re not just talking a crate thrown in the corner. If you’ve got a pampered pet, this is the hotel for you!

I’m the first to admit my pet dog is my fur baby – she’s got me wrapped around her little paw. I take her everywhere. Everywhere that she can go, that is. I miss her terribly when I’m travelling, so the chance to take her with me, to share with her the joy of a five star hotel, well, I’m in! Yes yes, I’m kidding, sort of. There’s something outrageously decadent, and fabulous, about spending an entire afternoon, evening and morning with your pup, in a five star hotel.
The Langham Sydney Pampered Pets
The Pampered Pets Program is open to dogs and cats under 20kg, and they’re made to feel welcome from the moment you walk up to the hotel. Stop and let them have a quick sip at the pink, Langham-branded water bowls at the front entrance, before heading inside the lobby to check in. Walking through the Langham’s marble and flower-filled lobby with your dog is weird and wonderful at the same time. For a serious dog lover like me, its mainly wonderful. You’re not made to feel awkward at all, especially when the hotel staff rush over to give your pet a pat! They seem just as delighted to have a dog in residence for the evening as Sheba, who sniffs and snuffles around the lobby while we check in.

She continues to sniff all the way to our room, straining at the lead to charge down the hallway, and launching straight into the room, like a kid in a candy shop, as soon as I let her off her lead. Once every corner has been inspected, she promptly plops down on her bed. Not on our big enormous king size bed, but on her very own Langham doggie bed. Pink and gold, it’s the perfect size, and I think she looks quite at home! The hotel staff have kindly left a bottle of water next to her water bowl (yep!), so she’s all settled in before we’ve even carried our bags through the door.

The Langham Sydney sits on Kent Street in the CBD, the back of the hotel rooms look straight out at the water and Barangaroo Reserve, the new park precinct that wraps around the harbour. Sheba is pretty happy with her little balcony, and we throw open the doors so she can look out at the view – we appreciate it too! The reserve makes a great spot for an afternoon walk, with plenty of grass and pedestrian paths filled with families, dogs and Sydneysiders enjoying the weekend sunshine. After a long walk, Sheba is more than happy to stretch out on her bed, as are we, for evening of reading and room service.
Langham Sydney
Yes, room service. Pets have their very own room service menu, with special dishes like Woof Woof, slow cooked beef ragout, or ocean trout sashimi, cooked fresh. Now that’s what I call catering to dietary requirements! Sheba goes for Lassie’s Favourite, a bowl of Angus beef with vegetables, while we chow down on burgers, chicken soup and a moreish chocolate brownie sundae. Her food comes with ours, under a silver cloche and is delivered straight to her dog bowl. It’s as close to fine dining as she’ll come – it’s a real treat for both of us.

She doesn’t get to join me for breakfast, with my husband taking turns with me to pop down for a bite to eat  – but for us it’s not a big deal. The food-service areas of the hotel, the Palm Court and Bistro Remy are off limits – but the hotel offers pet sitting, so you can pop out for the evening or try out the restaurant stress free. Babysitting, but for pets!

For dogs that are well-behaved, like Sheba, who hopped onto her bed as soon as we turned the lights out, and stayed there through the night, this is a really fun, rather fabulous experience. We’ll be back, because a dog really is man’s best friend, and who doesn’t want to treat their best friend?!

Lisa and Sheba were the guests of Langham Sydney