Who doesn’t dream of escaping the everyday grind and being whisked off to some far and exotic land. A place to escape, discover and experience; a place that promises to move us in some way. I’m no different, my bucket list is filled with pages of faraway lands and world wide adventures, places that stir my heart and soul when I think about them.

From ancient cities and local hideaways, to breathtaking scenery and adrenalin adventures, I want to share with you the soul moving experiences that are on my bucket list – some ticked off and others still to be done.

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks, Western Australia

Be humbled as you swim beside one of the ocean’s biggest creatures. As a whale shark glides beside you, your body sways and rocks to the rhythm of the underwater sea. Watching these gentle giants in their own playground is a once in a lifetime experience. From March to August you can swim alongside the Whale Sharks at Ningaloo reef in WA.

Climbing Basecamp, Kathmandu

If you’re looking for a spiritual adventure that gets physical, climbing basecamp must be on your list. As you make the journey, you’ll encounter moments of clarity and moments of dread, yet the promise of the destination keeps you moving. Along the way you’ll watch prayer flags dance in the wind meet beautiful locals. You’ll stay in charming little teahouses, temples and guest houses. A trek to basecamp truly is a journey for both the body and soul. April-May and October are the ideal times to make the hike.

Visit Uluru, Northern Territory

The indigenous people call it the heart of Australia; Uluru is a sacred place that must be visited in order to truly understand its magnificence. It has a silence that’s deafening, one that quietens your soul while it whispers to you the stories of this wild and ancient land. At night there’s no place like it, the stars shine bright and the edge of the universe literally falls at your fingertips. Uluru is the spirit of Australia; for it can be both seen and felt. June through to September are the ideal times to visit.

Safari, Africa

Get a sense of what it must be like to be David Attenborough as you jump onboard a jeep with a camera in your hand on Safari in Africa. Drive across the vast frontier, on a wild and rugged journey, and you’ll quickly realise this is nature at her best. Wild eyes silently watch on as you slowly roll on past. You quickly learn that patience is the language of nature – it takes plenty of patience to get the perfect photo. With every journey into the African wild comes a great sense of freedom. Even after you return home, the spirit and footprints of the animals will stay etched on your heart.

Bungee Jumping, New Zealand

Yes I know, I hear you say NEVER. But let me tell you, this was on my to never ever do list. I had no desire, none, zip. Then I had this crazy job (as a tour guide) where I had to literally jump for work. Staff aren’t allowed to push you off, so you can imagine the patience of the bungee operators as I wrestled up enough courage. I finally did it and I promise you it has changed me forever. I’m not sure if it’s the moment of overcoming something so scary that made me feel a little stronger internally, or if the adrenalin still pumps hard and fast when I think about the fall. Not only is the jump itself life changing, the scenery that New Zealand offers is jaw dropping. As soon as you jump time seems to stop. Everything slows down as you gracefully plummet into the canyon. The fresh mountain air kisses your skin and all is silent except the loud pounding of your heart. This is an experience that will leave its mark on you forever. Dare to take the leap (or jump) of faith.

Feel the freedom of a road trip

Now you don’t necessarily have to travel on Route 66 to have the ultimate road trip. You could plan a little closer to home. Hop in the car instead of a plane for your next domestic holiday. Earlier in the year I did a road trip alone from Sydney to the Gold Coast. Windows down, hair blowing in the wind, my ultimate road trip CD, yes CD not iPod – I know it sounds all a bit cheesy, but boy was it fun. I took my time, making no plans, just cruising along the road, stopping at anything that sparked my interest along the way. Time and the madness of a busy life were literally left behind. Are you looking for an affordable adventure? Why not fly to somewhere new and then start a road trip or if you’re lost for ideas, try something random like closing your eyes and picking a spot on the map.

Yoga at Ubud, Bali

The sacred island of Bali is known for its magical energy and is a popular destination for soul seekers, myself included. I hate to admit this, but after reading Eat, Pray, Love I booked myself on the first flight out to Bali. I felt like Liz Gilbert and I must have been soul sisters or something. On my visit to Ubud I found Bali, I found Yoga and yes I have to admit it I actually did discover a little more about myself. It’s when you head up into the hills, away from the crowds and into the lush forests of Ubud, that the true magic starts to happen. You’re greeted by soulful people, beautiful temples and the ever present smell of incense. There’s this deep sense that something great is about to happen. There’s plenty to do in Ubud; you can rent a bike, get a massage, walk through the local markets, take a trek or try a yoga class at the Yoga Barn. Ubud is the ideal setting for a nurturing and healing escape. Every morning you rise with the sun, and then somehow you just fall into the rhythm of the day, which in turn creates an overall feeling of inner-calm and a deeper understanding of self.

Walk the way of St James, Spain

This 30 day pilgrimage follows in the footsteps of the saints and seekers who, over thousands of years. As you cross the French Pyrenees you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views, the camaraderie of the people you meet along the way, the old European architecture, the warmth and hospitality of the local guest houses, the history, the abundance of ever-changing landscape and finally the deep accomplishment of arriving at Santiago de Compostela. Featured in the movie “The Way”, starring Martin Sheen, this is truly a walk for the soul-seeker. Whether you’re on a journey of self-discovery or simply want to soak up the fresh air, peace and quiet, you’ll be in your element. This walk is best done in spring, autumn or early summer.

The world is full of unforgettable places and adventures; they are everywhere and are available to everyone no matter your location or budget. I would love to hear the one thing that you would love to do or visit in your lifetime. Or maybe there is something that you love to do locally. Please share this story and share your thoughts.