Sometimes in life it’s all about the journey. Other times, it’s the destination. And sometimes, it’s both. Expedia Travellers are known to be explorers, willing to walk the road less travelled in search of new experiences and stories.

Road trips are the ultimate escape for those who want to get off the beaten path and explore the raw and authentic side of a destination.

Here are ten of the world’s most stunning road trips:

Wallachia to Transylvania, Romania

Follow in the footsteps of Dracula and take a road trip through the rugged Carpathian Alps, exploring the rich history and natural beauty of this region. Bountiful in deep valleys, rugged peaks, crystal lakes and ruined castles, this countryside is enchanting yet mysterious. Driving the Transfagarasan Pass is not for the faint hearted. Climbing up towards the crest of Romania’s Fagaras Mountains, it’s said to be one of the highest roads in Europe. Climbing up to dizzying heights of 2000m, the road winds between the jagged peaks of the country’s highest mountains — the Moldoveanu (2543m) and Negoiu (2535m) — and passes through a 887 metre tunnel.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Throw your bags in the back of an Italian sports car, fold back the roof and let the sea breeze sweep through your hair. Coastal roads wind around rugged bluffs, famous for their hairpin bends and expansive views over turquoise waters. Olive groves, old watchtowers converted into gorgeous restaurants and pastel-hued villas built into the side of a cliff – around every bend is something new.

Alaska’s Seward Highway

Alaska is renowned for its iconic wildlife and natural beauty. Drive along the Seward highway and you’ll see moose grazing on the side of the road, eagles soaring high up above, paddocks of wildflowers and endless mountain vistas that pierce the sky. Take time to stop off and sail alongside breaching whales, hike through lush alpine forests, kayak peaceful coastlines and sample fresh trout at local restaurants. A road trip through Alaska is a naturalist’s dream.

Northeast New Mexico

Feel the freedom of the open road as you drive across the vast and dusty plains of Northeast New Mexico. The highway, which makes up part of route 66, is an endless and rather a lonesome one, except for the odd saloon bar, pioneer homestead and abandoned ghost town. The landscape is marked by prairies, volcanoes and villages straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie set. This is where cowboys hang their boots and old Chevys line the streets.

Country Trails of Provence, France

Take a leisurely journey along the country roads of Provence, marked by rolling hills, lavender fields, medieval castles, quaint local farms and an abundance of artisan flavour. Weekends are vibrant and full of colour, for that’s when the town markets and antique shops open. Decadent local handicrafts and fresh produce are up for grabs, from local woven fabrics and colourful ceramics to gourmet goodies and handmade soaps. Explore the rural back roads, wind past olive groves, cherry orchards, lavender farms and family-run wineries – ensuring to stop off and sample a quintessential slice of Provence.

Vancouver to Jasper

Wind down your window and let the warm sun of Canadian summer hit your skin as you soak up the beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Mountains reach the heavens, wildlife is in abundance and around every corner there is a picture perfect emerald green lake. Days are spent meandering through the natural wilderness, occasionally stopping off at roadside fruit stalls to fuel a hungry belly. A road trip through the Rockies will leave you feeling more connected to adventure, spirit and nature – not to be missed.

The Big Island of Hawaii

Driving around the big island of Hawaii, you’ll experience everything from lava deserts, lush jungles, tropical plantations and volcanoes to pristine beaches, big waves, green highlands and deep plunging valleys. This is a road trip that will keep your senses engaged.

The Garden Route, South Africa

The coastal road is very popular with the outdoor enthusiast, rich in lush vegetation, wildlife and outdoor activity. The name comes from the ecologically diverse vegetation found here and the abundance of lagoons and lakes dotted along the coast. You can stop off and hike through ancient forests, bike through wildlife reserves, chill-out on pristine white beaches and canoe in calm lagoons.

The Great Ocean Road, Australia

What ultimate top ten road trip list would be complete without the iconic Great Ocean Road? Winding along the gorgeous southern coastline of Australia, the diverse vegetation takes your senses on a journey, one minute you smell the bark, leaves and flowers of the native bush and then the next minute you get a waft of beach and sea mist. Make sure you keep an eye out for koalas when you stop off at lookouts to snap a few photos, there is a likely chance that there may be one sitting in the branches above looking down at you.

The South-West Coast, Ireland

Take a road trip through the picturesque backdrop of Irelands South-West Coast where you will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of rugged coastal cliffs, peninsulas and deep, fjord-like bays. Charming quaint villages are surrounded by lush, green countryside, and make sure you take the time to drop in to one of the villages for a pint of beer at one of the friendly local pubs.