Like being nice to your flight attendant and saying thank you to the bus driver, staying in the good books of the hotel staff when you travel can make life a lot easier for everyone – whether it’s a late check-out or an extra chocolate at turn down!

If you’ve ever wondered what hotel staff or the other hotel guests are thinking, the 2016 Expedia Hotel Etiquette report gives you a guide on what NOT to do by revealing Australia’s most annoying hotel habits.

The 10 least popular hotel guests in the Expedia Hotel Etiquette Study for Australians are:

  1. Inattentive Parents: Like to let your kids run wild? Uh oh. Send them to the kids’ club and save your fellow guests some heartache.
  2. Hallway Hell-raisers: This might apply to the kiddies too. Quietly making your way along the corridor will win you favour with other residents.
  3. In-Room Revellers: Ever used a hotel room to throw a party?! You know who you are!
  4. Complainers: The bed is too hard, the pillow too soft, the view not good enough. Goldilocks would say shame on you!
  5. Bickerers: There’s nothing like the ups and downs of travel to raise tempers. Keep the domestics to your room!
  6. Poolside Partiers: Unless you’re at a pool party (hello, Vegas), don’t try to turn the pool area into one.
  7. Hot Tub Canoodlers: Come on now, we want to hot tub just as much as you do. Get a room. Literally!
  8. The Loudly Amorous: No further explanation necessary.
  9. Business Bar Boozers: We hear you. Hotel happy hours are usually pretty good, but pace yourself, people.
  10. Elevator Chatterbox: Sometimes silence is a virtue. Especially when surrounded by strangers in a small space.