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Hitting the sands of Las Vegas with Sun Buggy

Hitting the sands of Las Vegas with Sun Buggy

Flying into Las Vegas really opens your eyes to how remote this city actually is. The intense collection of flashing neon signs is sandwiched in the middle of miles and miles of baron desert.

But a short drive from the main drag, you’ll find an adrenalin rush that the roulette tables and poker machines will nerve be able to give you.
Yes, it’s a little removed from the traditional Vegas entertainment, but the Mojave Desert plays host to a Nevada experience unlike any other.

For the thrill seekers that don’t mind getting a little sandy, Sun Buggy offers an opportunity to put your foot down and charge over the sand dunes in a four wheeled speed machine.
 It’s a totally different world, and honestly, it’s hard to believe that these incredible surroundings are less than an hour from the craziness of the strip. There’s endless desert all around you so you’ve got plenty of space to carve it up at speeds that make you feel like you’re flying.

On arriving at the Sun Buggy base, I’m given instructions on how to drive my buggy, and techniques on how to best handle the terrain. I’m told to not hold the steering wheel too hard, to relax the vehicle into turns and to keep the wheels pointed forward when dropping off levels or hitting hard surfaces. Trying to remember these numerous pieces of advice, I put my foot down on the accelerator and dive into the baron openness of the Mojave.

You can’t help but grin as you fly through the dunes, kicking up sand in your wake, spinning around the corners and skidding along the dust. It’s a rush that can only be compared to when you first jump on a bike as a child, or sit in your first go-kart. The combination of speed, the sounds of the motor, and the spectacular surroundings make this such a brilliant experience – and one that you’ll leave Vegas wanting to do again.

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