If you had to cancel or change your non-refundable flight due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), most airlines would have offered you a credit instead of a refund. To make it easier for you, we read all the fine print so that you don’t have to. So, here is a guide on how to use a flight credit to book your next trip on Expedia.

Using your flight credit issued due to COVID-19

Good news! You can use your flight credit immediately. First, have your itinerary number, credit amount and traveller name(s) handy to get started. All these details are in your confirmation email. Currently, the only option to redeem a flight credit for future use is by calling us but we are working on new self-service options, so stay tuned.

Travellers should also note the following about their COVID-19 flight credit:

  • The airlines are setting the policies for how you can redeem your airline credit.
  • Know your “travel by” date: Most airline credits require travellers to book or complete travel by a certain date. Your cancellation email will include this information so you can factor that into your planning.
  • What you can change, what you can’t: Airline credits must be used by the person whose name was on the original ticket. Unfortunately, you usually can’t transfer the credit to a friend or family member. Your origin country will also need to be the same, but you can pick a new destination if desired.
  • Taxes & Fees: Airline credits must be used for air travel, including taxes and fees, with the airline that originally issued the ticket. Depending on the terms of your airline credit, you may be required to pay a rebooking or change fee or pay the difference of the new fare. These additional costs vary by airline. You may also be required to forfeit or pay additional taxes if you change your destination. Airline credits cannot be used for ancillary services like baggage fees. For travel originally scheduled between March 19th and April 30th, we confirmed with our airline partners that any applicable change fees would be waived.

Got all that? Now you’re ready to book your new trip. Here’s what to do:

  • Go to Expedia and find a flight on the airline that gave you the credit.
  • Find your original itinerary number in your flight confirmation email.
  • Call us on 1800 782 108 and an Expedia agent will be happy to assist with completing your booking.

Other good-to-know bits from the fine print:

  • If your new flight costs less than your credit amount, typically the remaining value is forfeited.
  • Low cost airlines (like Jetstar or Tigerair) have special rules for using flight credits. Contact them directly and they will handle your booking.
  • Expedia does not charge any fees to use your flight credit. All fees, restrictions or additional costs are dictated by the airline.

Travellers can find more information on how to book a flight using an airline credit by visiting the Expedia Customer Service Portal.

We can’t wait to get you travelling. Where are you planning to use your flight credit?