If you just have a few days to spend in Brisbane, you can still experience the most exciting sights of the city. This guide will show you everything you can do for a memorable weekend in Brisbane.

brisbane beaches

Brisbane Beaches

Friday Evening

Friday evening is the start of your 72 hours in Brisbane. Start by checking into a boutique hotel near the central downtown district. You’ll find plenty of restaurants serving authentic Queensland fare, such as barramundi and Moreton Bay bugs, as well as some top-notch ethnic fusion eateries.

Once night comes, you’ll have a wide array of activities to choose from. Brisbane has numerous bars and pubs for cocktails and live music, or you can visit Eat Street NorthShore to enjoy a container food market with unique delicacies.

new farm brisbane

New Farm, Brisbane

If you prefer a different experience, you can visit the Cosmic Skydome at the Botanic Gardens. The Cosmic Skydome is part of the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium and offers unique shows to explore the night sky and star constellations.

Saturday Morning

On Saturday morning, head into the city centre to enjoy a hearty breakfast or brunch at one of the many cafes and coffee places. This is also a good time to stroll through the city and enjoy the nearly year-round sunshine.

After breakfast, you can visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This popular attraction puts you up close and personal with rescued koalas and other native Australian wildlife. You’re close to many of the great museums and galleries as well, such as GoMA and the Queensland Art Gallery.

eagle street pier brisbane

Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane

You’ll also like South Bank Parklands, a vast park with events like live music, outdoor movies, markets and exhibitions. Most of the activities are free, and there are relaxed cafes and restaurants where you can grab lunch before heading back to the hotel. Streets Beach is nearby as well, which is great for a little relaxation and a quick swim.

Saturday Evening

Saturday night is when Brisbane really comes alive. After enjoying a nice dinner at one of the city’s top restaurants, you can choose between low-key nightspots or adventurous activities.

Several venues in Brisbane have comedy shows or comedy nights, such as the Brisbane Powerhouse, The Milk Factory and Blutes Bar. You could also experience a night at the Museum of Brisbane, free from crowds.

For spectacular views of the city, take a night ride on the Wheel of Brisbane. The ride has enclosed gondolas to keep you safe from wind or rain, so you can experience a spectacular aerial view of the lights and stars. You could also take an evening kayak cruise of the Brisbane River, which gives you a relaxing way to enjoy the skyline at night with some fresh prawns and beer or wine.

state library of queensland

State Library of Queensland, Brisbane

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning marks your final 24 hours in the city, so it’s the best time to make the most of your sightseeing. Be sure to visit a local cafe or restaurant for breakfast and try something new.

After eating, you can try a whale-watching tour to enjoy one of the city’s top attractions. The whales migrate along the coast between June and November, and Brisbane has some of the best areas to see them by boat. Moreton Island is another spot that’s great for spotting whales, and you can try out sandboarding, snorkelling, dolphin spotting and other water sports.

brisbane kangaroo sanctuary

Kangaroo Sanctuary, Brisbane

You can also take a leisurely cruise along the Brisbane River. The route will take you past the South Bank, which boasts the Story Bridge and the Wheel of Brisbane, and you could even book a longer cruise for lunch.

Sunday Evening

Sunday night is your last night in Brisbane, so it’s a good time to find some unique activities you haven’t yet experienced. Start your evening with a great dinner at one of the city’s restaurants or bars and be sure to try some of the local delicacies.

For a different kind of night experience, try night kayaking on Moreton Island. A kayak tour takes you past numerous shipwrecks along the coast, and you can see everything easily with clear-bottom kayaks and lighting.

After the tour, visit the Brisbane Twilight Markets to shop for handmade products and unique arts and crafts. Some stalls even play live music. You may also enjoy the Collective Markets, a South Bank market with everything from crafts and fashion to souvenirs and jewellery.

If you’re planning a weekend break in Brisbane, visit Expedia to explore accommodation options and plan for your memorable holiday.