Australian landscape and travel photographer Matt Donovan has been all over the world but still loves to return to Tasmania. He’s sharing his favourite spots to capture the island state’s natural attractions.

I recently had the pleasure of re-visiting my favourite Australian state, Tasmania! As a photographer I find inspiration in its beautiful landscapes, the lush rain forests, sublime waterfalls and rapids and the rugged coastline battered by the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Here are just a few of my favourite places and shots from that trip.

Binalong Bay – Bay of Fires

Binalong Bay is one of those “I can’t believe a place like this exists” locations. Tasmania’s landscape is generally a pretty cold and beautifully rugged – and then there’s Binalong Bay. It’s literally Tasmania’s own little slice of paradise!

Binalong Bay lies on Tasmania’s North East coast on a long stretch of coastline named the ‘Bay of Fires’. This whole stretch is known for its crystal clear water, pure white sands and beautifully coloured, lichen covered, granite boulders. As the gateway to this extremely photogenic coastline, the Bay gets quite a few visitors – especially in the warmer months.

Getting there: Binalong Bay is a short 15 minute drive from the coastal town of St Helens or just over two hours drive east from Launceston. There’s not really a lot of detail needed to describe where to shoot. Find a map of Binalong Bay or the Bay of Fires, close your eyes and point. You’d be pretty unlucky to find somewhere that wasn’t worth shooting.