For Aussies impacted by border closures or travel restrictions, we’ve pulled together a guide on steps you can take to help manage your upcoming holiday or booked trip.

As travellers continue to navigate through these unpredictable times, we recognise support and reassurance is key in helping Aussies travel confidently again. According to Expedia’s latest Travel Companions report, over half (52%) of Aussie travellers stated that, support in cancelling and amending their trips or answering booking questions is most important to them.

Check your booking terms and conditions

Since the onset of the pandemic, many travel providers today offer flexible options to book, reschedule or cancel a trip at ease. Before changing or cancelling your plans, ensure to read the applicable terms and conditions which apply to the booking to confirm your eligibility for a free cancellation or change. To find the terms of conditions, head to the My Trips tab online or through the Expedia App, select the itinerary item and go to ‘manage booking’.

For accommodation bookings, double check whether the terms and conditions for your specific booking allows for a refund before check in. For flights, depending on the airline and the terms and conditions at the time of booking, you may be able to cancel or change your flight at no penalty and receive a full refund or a credit to be redeemed for future travel with the same airline.

How to change or cancel your bookings

  • Expedia website or App: As a first point of call, we recommend you cancel your flight, hotel, or activity through the My Trips tab online or through the Expedia App. Before cancelling your hotel booking, check to see if the booking includes a free cancellation option and you are within the cancellation window. If it doesn’t, you can still cancel, but standard cancellation policies which relate to your booking will apply. To cancel, access the booking and follow the instructions to cancel the booking. For flights, we recommend you review the terms and conditions of your flights for the latest updates before cancelling. Keep in mind that many airlines continue to revise their cancellation or change policies related to COVID-19 and those policies can be found on the My Trips page associated with your booking.
  • Expedia Virtual Agent: To help make changes or ask questions about your bookings, Expedia has improved its Virtual Agent capabilities allowing you to view your booking, check your refund status, or cancel/amend parts of your trips.

If travellers are still unable to cancel or change their booking via the online options, they can contact the Expedia customer service team on 1800 782 108.  

General tips for travellers who still need or want to travel

As the situation continues to evolve, travellers should adhere to the guidance from government and public health officials.

  • Stay informed. As a first step, check the latest travel advisories and restrictions before booking and travelling. Expedia’s COVID-19 Travel Advisory tool helps travellers search for travel advisories for their origin and destination, including regulations and safety and health guidelines.
  • Book flexible travel options. Many hotels on Expedia offer free cancellation, and we’ve made it easy to find flexible options. Use our “free cancellation” and “Book Now, Pay Later” filters, which provides flexible and refundable rate options.
  • Check the fine print. Remember to check the fine print, especially when purchasing flights. Depending on what type of fare you choose, changes may either not be an option or could potentially incur a hefty fee. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your ticket before making any purchases.

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