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Cape Town: The Naked Traveller’s fitness guide

Cape Town: The Naked Traveller’s fitness guide

We all know how important a holiday is for your health, but how important is your health on a holiday? Tyson Mayr, aka The Naked Traveller, has all the tips and tricks you need to have a fun, active holiday in Cape Town.

How many times have you finished a holiday, only to feel like you need another just to recover? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Many of us make the mistake of thinking that a holiday is not a holiday unless it filled with sugary cocktails and over-indulgent treats. But the truth is, not only can you still enjoy yourself by following an active itinerary, you can also find and enjoy more experiences than you first thought!

Today I want to share with you one of my favourite destinations and how you can experience it to its full effect, while also leaving you more refreshed, energised and the healthiest version you can be! Welcome to my Cape Town Travel Fitty Itinerary!

1. Coffee and feed at Jarryds

So you have just arrived in Cape Town and you are ready to explore! If you are like myself, you will probably want to find a healthy breakfast, juice and strong coffee to start the day. In the neighbourhood of Sea Point you will find a café called Jarryds which is full of friendly staff and colourful, healthy food options prepared as though they are ready for a photo shoot!

2. Bike ride Sea Point

Finished your coffee? It’s not even a one-minute stroll to the esplanade where you can rent bikes and take in one of the most stunning rides you could imagine. With mountains peering over you to your left and the Atlantic Ocean crashing to your right, this is an impressive coastal ride, where you can see the sights, stop for detours and feel the ocean breeze in your hair the entire time.


3. Beach time

Whether it’s laying back and catching a few rays, taking a long walk or learning to kite-surf, a holiday away just isn’t complete without the feeling of sand beneath your feet. Luckily Cape Town also boasts an ample supply of white sand beaches with stunningly impressive mountain backdrops, so you can also get your holiday beach fix. Camps Bay is certainly a local and tourist favourite, where you have full view of the 12 Apostles behind you. However, my personal favourite is Llandudno Beach, where you can still go for a run and enjoy a little relax time, without all of the tourists.

4. Walk the streets of Bo’kaap

Time to do some neighbourhood exploring. Walking around a city is a very underrated calorie burner, and it also gives you a much greater feel for the true essence of a destination – so any chance you can, say no to public transport or a taxi and plan out your walking route. The neighbourhood of Bo’kaap has a fascinating history, which has resulted in all of its owners taking great pride in the bright colours they paint their house. You will easily spend hours strolling through here, taking in all of the sights without even realising the distance you have walked.


5. Swim with Great White Sharks

Did someone say “once-in-a-lifetime bucketlist moment”? Just a three-hour drive east from Cape Town there is a town called Gaansbai, which is home to the most densely populated Great White Shark population on the planet. The best part: you can jump in a cage and take a swim with them! Holidays aren’t just about relaxing; they are about doing things you never get the chance to do in your everyday life – saying yes to adventure and making those life-lasting memories! This is one of those that you will talk about for the rest of your life.

6. Outdoor beach swimming pools

Want to still enjoy an ocean swim but without the thought of a Great White Shark sharing your space? Sea Point has outdoor beach swimming pools where you can laze the day away in the sun, or smash out a few healthy laps! Remember, Jarryds is just around the corner, so it’s not far to grab another smoothie if the energy is needed.


7. Hike Lion’s Head Mountain

Time to tackle a mountain! Cape Town is famous for its hikes and the truth is you could hike every day for a month and still not come close to seeing all of your options. Cape Town is situated within some of the world’s most stunning mountain ranges, with safe hiking options available throughout. A favourite of mine is Lion’s Head as it provides ocean, city and mountain views as you ascend, and if you are lucky, you will meet a local who will tell you about the secret route, which ends at an obscure cave. What better way to finish your trip than to look at the city from above and realise everywhere you have been?

8. Paraglide or abseil Table Mountain

Looking for that next thrill to take your hike to the next level? Table Mountain is possibly the most iconic landmark of Cape Town, and apart from making an incredible hiking option, once you do reach the top you also have the option of paragliding or abseiling back down to the bottom!


9. Visit the Winelands

After everything you have done so far, I think it is time to really sit back and enjoy a nice relaxing evening of comfort. The Winelands are just a 45-minute scenic drive from Cape Town and home to some of the world’s tastiest wines, South Africa’s best dining and finest hotels and places of comfort to stay. Just one night away will make you feel like royalty, surrounded by pure beauty.

10. Harley Davidson Tour

Time to finish your trip on a high! What better way than cruising the coast of Cape Town on the back of a Harley? You have just finished a holiday full of activities and you have explored a good chunk of Cape Town. Why not see the last bits you haven’t or go back to your favourite spots? Harley Davidson Tours offer personalised tours of your choice throughout Cape Town. My recommendation: take a cruise along the coastal road and finish at the famous Chapman’s Peak for a sunset to really finish your trip right!


Follow these steps and I can assure you, not only will you have the trip of your lifetime, but you will return from your holiday with a fresh, motivated mindset, feeling healthier, happier and more energised then ever before! Plus Cape Town is one of the cheapest cities you could imagine, so your dollar is going to go way further than you think. Your only major concern is you may not want to come home.

Join @tysonTRAVEL on future adventures as he travels with Expedia and be sure to read our other World Travel Fitty Itineraries, to see which holiday is right for you! Don’t forget to leave a comment which activity you would do first too.

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