More than four million people have climbed to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and for International Women’s Day, BridgeClimb celebrated with a very special Power Climb made up of inspiring Australian women.

The three hour BridgeClimb celebrates women working together, ‘rising above’ to achieve their dreams and marks the first of many series of climbs the company will host.

The inaugural Power Climb included Anthea Hammon, Director of Hammon Holdings who are the operators of BridgeClimb, Lisa Perkovic, Expedia’s own Global Travel Expert, Kate Peck, TV Presenter and model, Heidi Dening, author and self-leadership educator, Sharni Williams, Australian Rugby Union Player, Gillian Fox, Women’s Advancement Specialist, Councillor Jess Miller from City of Sydney and Sarah Harper, BridgeClimb’s Climb Operations Manager.

The Climb itself is a remarkable showcase of the skill and bravery of those who were involved in its eight year construction back in the 1930s. Guides share stories of feats of strength, endurance and mathematical marvel with their climbers as they take on the ‘catwalk’, stairs and ramps up to the peak of the bridge.

Stopping at the ‘summit’, looking out at the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour in all it’s glory, this is one Australian experience that’s not to be missed. Get your tickets here.