Doha is the capital city of one of the biggest hotspots in the Arab world, Qatar. While this coastal nation may be relatively small, it’s brimming with adventure, and much of it can be conveniently found within its capital city. Learn about all the best things to do in Doha that you’re sure to enjoy no matter what kind of adventure you’re looking to experience.

1. Discover cultural marvels at the Qatar National Museum

Qatar is a land filled with history and culture, and you can discover much of it for yourself with a visit to the Qatar National Museum. It opened in March of 2019 and is styled to appear like a massive desert rose to showcase the beauty that can be found here in this desert region. Within the museum, you’ll find numerous exhibitions dating back to Qatar’s earliest beginnings with artefacts from the Bedouin culture to the discovery of oil to the present day.

2. Explore creativity at the Museum of Islamic Art

If you’re a fan of art, you’ll find an extensive collection in the Museum of Islamic Art. The building itself features stylized ancient Islamic architecture coupled with modern geometric designs, so you can enjoy a work of art before even stepping inside. The collection of art and artefacts within dates back 1,400 years, so you’ll have no shortage of history to explore. Pieces in the collection originated from across 3 continents and include a variety of works such as ceramics, jewellery, woodwork, glass, textiles and metalwork.

3. Walk along the Doha Corniche

The Museum of Islamic Art is located at the end of the Doha Corniche, an area along the edge of Doha Bay. On this promenade, you’ll find plenty to do across its 7 kilometres including Sheraton Park, a secluded patch of natural space with walking paths, green fields and a stunning backdrop of towering skyscrapers. It’s a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, so don’t forget to explore it at least once when you’re in Doha.

4. Go shopping at Souq Waqif

When you smell the unmistakable aroma of spices and incense, it’s likely that you’re close to Souq Waqif. This market centre features numerous stalls selling a wide variety of items apart from spices and incense including textiles, pots and even jewellery. This standing market has been a staple of Doha for over a century, and it’s more popular today than ever before. Stop by to discover the sheer variety of items on offer all while being surrounded by traditional Bedouin-style designs and architecture.

5. Celebrate art at Katara Cultural Village

The Katara Cultural Village may be one of the most diverse places in the city. Here, you’ll find a traditionally designed village area surrounded by modern skyscrapers making it seem like a spot frozen in time. Within the village, you’ll find traditional Arabic buildings like a blue-tiled mosque in addition to a massive amphitheatre reflecting a Roman-Greek design. Artists of all kinds are welcome here, so you’ll find works of photography, sculpting, film and theatre throughout, and much of it features a strong international influence.

6. Climb Aspire Tower

Also known as the Torch, Aspire Tower stretches nearly 300 metres into the sky, and you’re free to climb all the way to the top. Once you reach its peak, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city. On the 47th floor, there’s a revolving restaurant, so an evening dinner essentially comes with an appealing show of its own as the sparkling sights and sounds of Doha revolve around you.

7. Venture through Villaggio Mall

If you’re looking for a more refined and elegant shopping experience, Villaggio Mall has all the designer gear you could ever ask for. While the local souqs may be more traditional and in the open air, the Villaggio Mall is modern and air-conditioned. As if that wasn’t enough, the entire mall area is designed in a Venetian style complete with a canal and gondola rides.

8. Visit The Pearl

The Pearl is a stretch of islands connected to the city that are home to numerous shops, boardwalks and a marina. Bursting with activities and attractions, this island development is completely man-made, and everything on The Pearl, including the very land you’re walking on, was specifically designed to provide you with the best possible experience. Given the visitor-focused nature of this impressive feat, it should be no surprise that the island is populated with top-notch cafes and restaurants, so be sure to stop by to take in the wide variety of cuisine during your trip.

9. Indulge at the Mall of Qatar

On the outer edge of Doha, you’ll find the Mall of Qatar, which is the biggest shopping complex in the entire country. Not only will you find numerous upscale designer boutiques, but there’s also a multiplex cinema showcasing a wide variety of films including English language presentations. The multiplex features a massive IMAX screen and an 8-lane bowling alley providing fun for everyone.


With so much to see and do in Doha, it’s no wonder so many are booking a holiday to Qatar. No matter where your interests are, with Qatar’s rich culture, traditional experiences and high-end opulence, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained on holiday. Book one of the local hotels in Doha today to start your journey.