Rear seat kickers watch out. Your fellow Aussie travellers find you the most annoying etiquette violators, according to our Airplane Etiquette Study. We asked Aussies to rank the most annoying in-flight behaviours of fellow passengers and there’s no surprises that “seat kickers” drive Aussie travellers crazy.

What else can turn a good flight into a not-so-good flight? Whether it’s The Boozer who has indulged with the drinks cart, The Audio Insensitive who listens to their movie at top volume or Chatty Cathy, who talks from take off to touch down, there’s plenty of characters out there that can cause discomfort on your flight. Don’t get me started on Seat Recliners! J

Here’s the full list of Australia’s top ten most annoying or offensive airline etiquette violators:

  1. Rear Seat Kicker: The passenger who constantly shuffles and kicks the seat in front of them
  2. Inattentive Parents: Parents who have no control over or pay no attention to their children
  3. The Aromatic Passenger: The passenger with poor hygiene or who is wearing too much perfume or cologne
  4. The Boozer: The disruptive passenger who has enjoyed a few too many alcoholic beverages
  5. The Audio Insensitive: The passenger who talks so loudly everyone around can hear their conversation
  6. The Recliner: The passenger who reclines their seat all the way back as soon as the plane is off the ground
  7. Chatty Cathy: The passenger who strikes up a conversation and won’t stop
  8. Pungent Foodies: The passenger who brings food with a strong smell on board
  9. Mad Bladder: The window seat passenger who makes frequent visits to the bathroom
  10. The Amorous: The couple who displays an inappropriate level of public affection