If you live for good food, wine and a well-crafted cocktail, you’re my kind of person. I’m Ms Darlinghurst and I eat, drink and write for a living. When I take a short break, I live to eat. I’m not alone. Foodie hotspots like Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart are more popular than ever, with tonnes of Expedia Travellers taking Short Breaks they can savour.

Here are my hot tips to maximising your meals on your next short break:

Do Your Research

Before you take a short break, read food and drink blogs from the city you’re visiting. Read reviews from people who’ve been to the cafes, bars and restaurants. Social media is a great way to get recommendations from people you already know. Update your Facebook status or tweet your followers for their favourite restaurants and bars. Then make a list of your top must-try venues. If you want to be super organised, put them into categories and list the best time to go and what to eat.
For example:
Darlinghurst, Sydney
Eat: Bunker Cafe for breakfast, try the omelette of the day
Drink: Love Tilly Devine for afternoon vino, order a cheese board

Book In The Right Area

You’ve only got a few days so you need to maximise your time. Choose a hotel that’s central to the restaurants and bars you want to explore. You’ll not only save money on taxis and public transport but the staff will no doubt have some good tips on where to get the best coffee, mid-afternoon snack or late night drink. Having a plan is great, but don’t be afraid to deviate should you get an awesome foodie tip from a local.

Plan Your Day

Some people will plan their short break around shopping, others art galleries and for some historical landmarks. For a foodie, it’s all about breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try to plan these meals within walking distance from one another. You can call this tip the ‘food and booze trail’; a day of eating and drinking your way to new adventures. It’s usually while walking to your next foodie destination that you’ll discover more fun things to do along the way. Don’t be afraid to step off the beaten track either. Down little laneways and around leafy corners is usually where you find boutique shops, cool art galleries and fun cafes. With all that walking you won’t have to feel guilty about indulging in your next meal!

Try Something New

It’s so easy to order the same old thing off the menu when you’re dining out, so anytime I take a short break I try to order something different. If possible try the region’s signature dishes. Ask to try the chef’s signature dish. Perusing a drinks menus is fun, but what’s even better is having the bartender create a drink just for you. Tell them what you feel like and let the experts surprise your taste buds.

Document Your Trip

As foodies, we get a lot of grief from our friends for constantly photographing our food. “Wait, wait…don’t touch, I want to take a quick photo” is usually followed by an awkward retreat of an eager hand and a sigh. One of the best things about taking a short break is that any photos you post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are justifiable because what you’re really doing is sharing recommendations with your friends on what to do next time they visit the area. Nope, it’s not self-indulgent or blatant boasting. When it’s on a short trip it’s 100% allowed.