With various restrictions and travel limitations still in place, many Aussies may be feeling holiday-deprived now more than.

In fact, even pre-pandemic, Expedia’s annual Vacation Deprivation study, which looks into the trends and attitudes around annual leave, revealed deprivation levels were on the rise in Australia. However, Aussies widely understood and appreciated the benefits of taking a holiday. The top reasons cited for taking a trip were:

  • Travelling improves my general health and well-being (94%)
  • It helps me feel rejuvenated and have a better outlook on life (92%)
  • Travel improves my connection with family and friends (88%) and helps me feel more motivated at work (80%)

Together, these positive effects evokes a positive mindset in what we call a Vacation State of Mind, and it extends far beyond the trip itself.

Achieving a Vacation State of Mind

To help relieve feelings of holiday deprivation, Expedia is encouraging Aussies to tap into memories from past holidays to use an anchor for happiness and a tool for refreshed and positive thinking.

While there is uncertainty about when Aussies can travel abroad again, Expedia’s study uncovers various techniques that can help Aussies evoke a Vacation State of Mind:

  1. Talk to friends and family about a holiday memory (85%)
  2. Look at photos and videos from past holidays (81%)
  3. Wear clothes you bought or wore while on holidays (72%)
  4. Start planning the next holiday (65%)
  5. Dig out souvenirs you bought on holiday and use them (68%)
  6. Listen to music that reminds you of the holiday (60%)
  7. Cook the local cuisine or a meal from a favourite destination (53%)

How to scratch that travel itch without actually travelling

  • Slideshows are not dead: As a fun family activity, get the kids together to create a fun slideshow of old photos and videos from past holidays. Make a night of it by having a viewing party and relive the memories.
  • Journal as a family: From reminiscing about past trips, to learning about new destinations, the new Expedia Explorers Journals are a great way to inspire wanderlust. They are full of creative prompts to seed curiosity, inspire conversations, and encourage self-expression.
  • Theme it: Relive favourite memories from past holidays by theming a whole week to that destination/country. For example, having a week dedicated to Italian cuisine.
  • Learn the language: Consider learning the language of the next destination you plan to visit.
  • Research and plan: Use this time to research and plan the next holiday for when the time is right. Consider looking into the different museums, sites, restaurants and activities in each destination to create the perfect itinerary.