Easily one of the coolest ways to spend three hours in Sydney is the world-famous BridgeClimb. Since this one-of-a-kind tour launched in 1998, more than three million Aussies and visitors from around the globe have trekked to the top of the world’s largest steel arch bridge. If you’re a Sydneysider, you’ve probably driven, taken the train or walked across the bridge hundreds of time. But trust us, none of it is the same as scaling the coathanger. If you’re wondering what’s compelled so many to scale this modern marvel, here are the five best reasons to embark on the Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb.

1. The View

No surprise here. Without a doubt the most spectacular aspect of the BridgeClimb is the unobstructed, 360-degree view offered from the of the Coathanger. You’ll enjoy spectacular scenery during the entire adventure, but it’s from the bridge’s apex, 134 metres above the rolling waves, where you’ll behold the best view of the Opera House, the harbourside, and Sydney’s stunning skyline. On a clear day, you can even spy the majestic Blue Mountains in the distance!

2. The Workout

Not only does the BridgeClimb grant you epic views, but it’s also an easy way to sneak in some exercise on your holiday (or staycation). You won’t necessarily work up a sweat during your ascent – the brisk wind should keep you nice and cool – but, strewth, it’s a bit of legwork. There are some 1,332 steps on the round-trip tour departing from the Climb Base below Bradfield Highway, so expect to burn about 2,100 kilojoules as you charge along catwalks and lunge up ladders destined for the uppermost point of the of the bridge’s outer arch. And no worries if you’re not a fitness fanatic; there are plenty of stops to catch your breath and give your calves a rest.

3. The Photo Ops

For the safety of the Sydneysiders driving across the bridge, climbers aren’t allowed to bring anything that could theoretically fall into traffic. (You can stash your wallet and smartphone in a locker before starting the climb.) So while you won’t be able to snap any selfies during the journey, your Climb Leader will happily capture a group photo you can post to your profile upon returning to the ground. Better yet, you’ll also get a seven second video to catch even more of the sights and sounds from your summit celebration.

4. The Friendly Faces

Lots of local attractions have smiling staff members eager to please – Sydneysiders are a friendly bunch after all – but the Climb Leaders on this activity go above and beyond. These guides aren’t simply here to show you the sights and school you about the bridge, but they’re also responsible for your safety. And in addition to acting as photographers and videographers during the tour, their electric personalities will keep you entertained from start to finish.

5. The BridgeSuit

Let’s face it – blue’s always been your colour, and grey looks good on everybody. That’s why you’ll love the way you look after slipping into the iconic BridgeSuits all climbers are required to wear. Aside from their fashion appeal, these outfits will keep you tethered to the bridge and shielded from the wind. And while you can’t take the suit home with you, count on receiving a BridgeClimb baseball cap that sports the same flattering shades.

Ready to book an elevating adventure you’ll never forget? Choose from three different group tours, including the classic BridgeClimb Experience, the shorter BridgeClimb Express Experience, and the BridgeClimb Sampler, which is ideal for those confronting their fear or heights. And with tours offered from sunrise to sunset and into the evening, you can even choose which side of Sydney you want to see. Meet you at the top!