Bali appealed to our traveller spirits – we wanted diverse culture, to get off the beaten track and some much needed down time. However, with a young child we also wanted somewhere that wasn’t too long a flight (Bali is 7 hours from Sydney), felt safe, was easy to get around and child friendly. Bali is one of Expedia’s most searched destinations for people travelling with children, so here’s why I think Bali makes a good family holiday, and the best things to do while you’re there:

The People

The Balinese are some of the friendliest people I have ever met and they just adore children. Children are welcome everywhere and they’ll love the extra attention being showered on them by the warm Balinese.

Value for Money

Bali offers good value for money and is a very affordable destination. Obviously attractions, restaurants and facilities aimed at tourists will cost more than local options, but there really is something for every budget. For example, a 1 hour Balinese Massage in a Day Spa (rather than on the beach) will cost anything between $12AUD and $50AUD depending on where you go. Most hotels in Bali provide nanny / babysitting services and many have kids clubs (For 4 hours service expect to pay around $18AUD)*. Eating out can cost under $1AUD at a street stall, as little as $3 – $7AUD for a main in a simple restaurant or $20 – $25AUD somewhere more upmarket.

Family Friendly Activities

  • Waterbom is a huge water park in the heart of Kuta.
  • Great Beaches – obviously kids will love simply playing and swimming but they can also snorkel or learn to surf for half the price you’ll pay at home.
  • Bali Safari & Marine Park – Sumatran elephant, Sumatran tiger, white tiger, leopard, komodo dragon and cheetah are just some of the fascinating animals that can be seen here.