Kip & Co

Alex, Kate and Hayley launched Kip & Co in 2012 offering bright, colourful, beautiful bedding and have quickly expanded into a covetable, vibrant lifestyle brand. Kip & Co’s collections are inspired by the everyday and the out of the way – life’s big moments and its sunny days, adventures to places exploding with colour and good times, laughter and the next sip of champagne.

Recent articles by Kip & Co
The jewels of Jaipur
If you’re planning a trip to India, Jaipur is no doubt already up the top of your list, and rightly so. The Pink City lives up to the hype and 24 hours is nowhere near...
A Day in Delhi
Delhi is often seen as transit hub for travellers in India – a pit stop on the way to your Eat Pray Love re-enactment serenity. And while the hum of 16+ million people...
Hoi An – the ultimate shopping guide
We spend a lot of time as a family in Bali and love it to bits – the proximity to Australia, the heat and the gorgeous coastline make it a no brainer. But when the...
What’s on Kip & Co’s travel Bucket List?
Pamukkale in Turkey, the Kingdom of Bhutan and Antarctica

Three travel must-haves?
  1. something special to wear for a fun night out
  2. a camera
  3. comfy shoes