Karina Waters

Unlocking the gates to Château de Gudanes opened  Karina Waters world, from getting down and dirty in Château archeological remains to sharing the work in progress with Vogue.com , a life rural French village as owner of a crumbling Château  was an enormous decision.

Karina now spends most of her time managing a massive restoration project.   Her story has captured the imagination of many. Sharing her journey with thousands who follow her, she tries to write simply about the trials and the joys of restoration through the ‘Captains Log’ at  Château de Gudanes .

It is  a powerful and inspiring story that the Château has been waiting for and it is rekindling the threads of  time.

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What’s on Karina Waters’s travel Bucket List?
The Loire Valley in France to explore the numerous Chateaux.

Having said this, I hope to one day travel to the Kimberley in Western Australia, to the Prince Regent River and Kings Cascade Falls, and swim in fresh water pools well above watchful crocodile eyes!

Three travel must-haves?
  1. Backpack with wheels
  2. Shoes that you can walk 1000 miles in
  3. At least one "must read" classic novel