Dan Churchill

Dan Churchill is a Chef and Author, with a Masters in Exercise Science. His tastiness can be seen on ABC’s EMMY award winning program The Chew, he is also a host of Surfing The Menu, Next Generation seen on ABC Australia & Discovery throughout the world. With 3 cookbooks (Dudefood, The Healthy Cook, Surfing The Menu), upcoming restaurants and a busy digital outreach, Dan’s mission is make people happier and food is his tool to do that “The power of food is epic in what it can do to bring people together…”

Recent articles by Dan Churchill
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What’s on Dan Churchill’s travel Bucket List?
-Italy (again)

Three travel must-haves?
  1. Powershot G7x digital camera for blogging and photos
  2. Satchel for holding the daily needs
  3. A written diary…sometimes just writing it down means you will have more emotional connection with your memories