Ada Nicodemou

Ada Nicodemou is one of Australia’s favourite television stars and for the past 21 years has gained a solid local and international family audience. She is best known for her role as Leah Patterson on Channel 7’s ‘Home & Away’ and for hosting two seasons of the Channel 7 series ‘Please Marry My Boy’.

Recent articles by Ada Nicodemou
You know you’re a Cypriot Greek when…
1. There are at least two other people in a room with the same name as you My grandmother died when mum was 17, so all of the kids, once they had a daughter are named after...
Follow Your Roots: Ada Nicodemou’s Cyprus
Home and Away actress and Australian-born Cypriot Ada Nicodemou follows her roots back to Cyprus. Now my son Johnas is a little older, I wanted to take him to Cyprus. I...
What’s on Ada Nicodemou’s travel Bucket List?
1. South America
2. Bedarra Island
3. Prague

Three travel must-haves?
  1. Money
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Sunglasses